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 Teaches its players how to use barter to exchange what they have for what they want. Want to take a much-needed vacation? Players learn how to use barter for that. Want to send clients nice bottles of wine as thank you gifts? Players learn how to use barter for that. Want to enjoy life with a massage, yoga, or a spa day? Get taxes done? Hair? Nails? Get an oil change or tune up for the car? Players learn how to use barter for all of that and much more with My Barter Game™.
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Reinventing Trade and Barter

Barter is the way to survive and thrive in a challenging economy.african-american-business-woman-pf

  • Barter in one form or another, accounts for nearly 30 percent of the world’s total business.
  • Approximately 65% of all New York Stock Exchange-listed companies engage in
    excess capacity / barter trade.
  • According to the International Reciprocal Trade Association, approximately 400,000 businesses engage in formalized barter in the United States.

Instant Barter LLC provides traditional barter exchange services, with innovative next generation thinking and execution, which places it on the leading edge of the industry.  We want to make trade and barter just as seamless to use as cash or debit cards. And with one of the lowest transaction fees in the industry we are quickly doing just that.

Check us outwe can make barter work for you.

Ana Hawk

Ana Hawk


Holly Wagner

Holly Wagner

Trade Broker

Dr.Denise Brimmer

Dr.Denise Brimmer

Marketing Director

Ana is an extremely hard worker that constantly creates brilliant ideas and projects. She is always looking for the best and most efficient way to get business done and help her clients, colleagues and friends achieve their greatest potential in all areas of their lives.

Randy Keith

Dueling Piano Entertainer/Agent, Company

Ana will step in and help you with a project for your own work, even if she knows nothing about your field. She is great at matching service providers together who need each other. A great go to gal for anything you might need.

AZ Cake Diva AIC

Job Role, AZ Cake Diva AIC

I have known Ana for about a year now, and one thing I have learned about her is that she is UNSTOPPABLE! Ana goes for what she wants and perseveres until she achieves her goal. Friendly, personable, interesting, and yet shrewd when necessary, Ana will succeed at whatever she desires. Instant Barter is a force to be reckoned with, because Ana is at the helm.

Linda Costello

Accounting Supervisor at Arizona Tour and Travel Group, Arizona Tour and Travel Group

Ana Hawk focuses on maximizing value for her clients. She knows Bartering from the inside out, backwards and forwards. You can rely
on Instant Barter as your marketing plan and a service provider.

Dorothy M Neddermeyer, PhD

Change Management Consultant , Genesis Consultants

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Frequently Asked Questions

“How Is INSTANT BARTER LLC Different From Other Barter Exchanges?”

We offer 2.5% transaction fees on the purchase and sale of goods. This is much lower than the industry standard.  Also, we process the transaction fee at the time of the transaction, not at the end of the month. That way you avoid accumulated charges at the end of the month and you can better manage your barter account.

“What does it take to sign-up?”
Instant Barter does not have high initiation fees. We will provide you trade credit in exchange for your certificates of trade goods or services. This is fast and easy and you can be trading immediately. Just go to the “Get Started” button.

Who in Instant barter that I can Barter with?

“Who Is In The Network?”

We have everything from house cleaning to horses, ad agencies to piano instruction, and everything in between. Our network is always growing and if there are things you want that we do not have just ask and we will find it.  Trade exchanges participate in worldwide reciprocal trade relationships with other exchanges offering a multitude of additional barter opportunities.

How Should I Price My Products And Services?

“How Should I Price My Products And Services?”

Prices quoted to barter clients are the same as prices quoted to cash paying customers. Business owners are educated shoppers. Barter is simply a mode of payment just like a credit card or cash.

Why Use Barter?

“Why Use Trade?”

Trade will offset your overhead and expenses. It is a marketing tool to allow you access to clientele that you might not have otherwise.  It allows you to move excess or expiring inventory.

Ana is a hardworking, honest individual. You can count on her to follow through, a rare quality these days. I recommend her highly


Agency Development Manager at Colonial Life, Colonial Life

Ana is an amazing lady with awesome visions , information and connections ! Ana is the lady that will get the job done ! She is
Such an upbeat, positive, motivated business woman and I am very proud to work with her and call her my close friend !
Ana is always a blessing in my life

Anna Heflin

Ana is one of the hardest working people in the business. She has a remarkable grasp of the industry, extensive network of barter connections, and a high level of energy that helps her achieve trades that might otherwise not even be possible.

For people who know barter, you should know Ana.

Chris Cayer

Chief Executive Officer at Advantage Business Club, Inc., Advantage Business Club, Inc.

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