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Why Rolex, Mercedes, PepsiCo and Small Businesses Are Using Barter to Grow Without Cash


There is a great article on Ana Hawk and Instant Barter on I-report CNN called Why Rolex, Mercedes, PepsiCo and Small Businesses Are Using Barter to Grow Without Cash.Ana’ replay how barter works.When launching, sustaining or expanding a business in today’s tough economy, capital is the name of the game. You’ve got to be smart with every dollar you spend.
Business people
Legal and accounting services, company websites and social media marketing, software, bookkeeping, and office supplies – all are essential to a start-up or expanding small business, and all cost money… or do they?


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She’s Learned To Trade

The next time you need something for your business, Ana Hawk hopes you’ll think barter. With $90 million worth of products and services in its exchange, her company, Instant Barter, allows you to trade with a wide variety of other businesses.

“We have everything from housecleaning to horses, ad agencies to piano instruction and everything in between,” Hawk says. “Our network is always growing and if there are things you want that we do not have, just ask and we will find it.”

It’s not just about getting something you need; Hawk says it’s also about increasing your revenue, lowering overhead and moving excess inventory, “It helps with any type of inventory that will expire, like hotel rooms, advertising and tickets to sporting and cultural events. By accepting trade, you actually receive something for what would otherwise be lost.”

While many Instant Barter members take advantage of printing, advertising and web development trades to grow their business, Hawk says she’s also handled more unusual requests like a horse and a burial urn. “It’s all currencies,” she says. “We don’t care what people trade, we just want people to trade.”

Unlike other exchanges, Instant Barter has no commissioned trade directors and brokers. Their sole focus is getting members what they need, as quickly as possible. “Most trade organizations are considered active if they’re at 20 percent trade,” Hawk says. “We’re at more than 80 percent.”

She says Instant Barter is also different because it has no enrollment fee and it offers a 2.5 percent transaction fee, among the lowest in the industry. It’s also applied at the point of transaction rather than the end of the month, so you can better manage your account.

Founded in March, 2011, Instant Barter is filling a need that’s only expected to grow. While they already have a global reach, thanks to software that speaks seven languages, Hawk says they plan to open offices across the United States and other countries later this year.

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