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Ana is a woman of high integrity and is strongly motivated to help people get what they want in the field of barter. She is a precious woman with a great heart and incredible compassion for her fellow man..

Janice Miller

Independent Wellness Consultant , Nikken

Ana is an extremely hard worker that constantly creates brilliant ideas and projects. She is always looking for the best and most efficient way to get business done and help her clients, colleagues and friends achieve their greatest potential in all areas of their lives.


Randy Keith

Dueling Piano Entertainer/Agent, Compan

Ana is a remarkable combination of determination and vision. She is a go getter and enjoys bringing people and services together. If you are not a part of her company, Instant Barter, then sign up now

Steve Kellogg

Consultant, Author, Speaker

Ana will step in and help you with a project for your own work, even if she knows nothing about your field. She is great at matching service providers together who need each other. A great go to gal for anything you might need.


Job Role,

AZ Cake Diva AIC

I met Ana Hawk in our office during her appointment with Jayon Hoffer. She was an awesome woman! She was so fun and full of energy and really makes someone feel like you have known her for years! I am very much looking forward to working more with Ana!

Brittany Eastridge

Account Manager , Jayson Hoffer Insurance Agency Inc.

Ana Hawk focuses on maximizing value for her clients. She knows Bartering from the inside out, backwards and forwards. You can rely
on Instant Barter as your marketing plan and a service provider.


Dorothy M Neddermeyer, PhD

Change Management Consultant , Genesis Consultants

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