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The New Economy

When you think of using trade in your business, you’re probably thinking of the last time you attempted to create a one-to-one agreement with another vendor for a specific job or occasion, using goods or services as payment instead of cash, right? While this type of agreement can work, more than often it does not. One or the other party winds up feeling as if they put more time or effort or value into the agreement than the other. And yet, corporations use trade all the time, quite legally and ethically, to not only builds their businesses, but to enjoy perks such as jets, vacations, cars and more. How do they do it?
Instant Barter, LLC is teaching businesses and everyday citizens how to tap into and leverage trade every day. What does it look like? Rather than trading time, services or products, the value of those tradable goods is turned into Trade Dollars in a $1 for $1 ratio. So, “A” may have something that is worth $300 to trade, “B” may have something worth $100 to trade, and “C” may have something worth $1,000 to trade. Could they work together easily in a standard trade relationship? Not likely and definitely not easily. But turning the value of those items into Trade Dollars allows that value to be traded just like cash. Now imagine that ability to trade expanded to 100,000s of  businesses around the world in an online, searchable marketplace that is easily tapped into. What happens?

A couple approaches INSTANT BARTER about helping with their wedding. We handle the flowers, rings, dress, tux, music, cake, caterer, photographer, video, venue and even a photo booth for fun! How much did we just save this couple and their families, thousands! It is a simple example of using the power of trade to have a better event while not breaking your bank account. We can do this with any event, business or even for private individuals.  INSTANT BARTER has even worked on movies expanding their budget to help them out as well.

That’s just one example. There are thousands of examples every day of people being able to buy gifts for themselves, family, friends and clients, take care of medical issues, and buy cars and much more! “Barter is a POWERFUL tool IF it is used correctly” Ana Hawk (CEO/ FOUNDER of is always saying. “Expanding your mind and accepting a different economy is just smart business in this or any economy,” Hawk says. “We want to explain to people that in the 70s-80s in the heyday of business, when everything was bonus, just for doing a good job. What most people do not realize is that was all trade! It does not matter what the economy is doing, you can have that lifestyle now for you, your family and especially for your business and employees.”

What Instant Barter is finding now is that people have a lot of questions about how barter works. “Barter is the Original economy, having started civilization. People just need to see it as the currency it is. The true definition of currency is something you and I agree has value and we trade.” Hawk says.

Hawk says, “As CEO of Instant Barter, LLC, I wanted to help people learn how to use barter and to tap into the power of trade so I created My Barter Game™, a board game the entire family can play together, have fun, and learn the concepts, skills and joy of barter. Imagine an entire generation of kids growing up knowing how to leverage trade and save their cash.”

Barter is growing like wildfire too. Instant Barter, LLC is just over three years old and yet is already in 11 countries around the world. To truly serve their customers and help people make the most out of their trade dollars, Instant Barter is expanding their corporate offices into new regions, training more quality representatives and offering even more opportunities to take barter to the next level.

The “BARTER AS A POWERFUL TOOL IN BUSINESS and LIFE” is coming soon; an accredited training course for businesses to learn how to leverage trade to grow their business. It includes modules on taxes, cases studies and more. It will be available online, as well as in-person in select areas, and provides students with one credit hour of college level credit in business.

Growth for Instant Barter means new opportunities for its clients and customers as well. Partnerships are being formed to bring in airline tickets, furniture, and additional perks that were once only available to large corporations.  There’s also the start of filming for a TV pilot, to show people how to use and utilize what they have to get what they need.

While the cash economy makes a sluggish comeback, there is a new economy that has been healthy and strong, and is only getting stronger. Trade is the original economy. Today, it is a recognized form of currency that is acknowledged and accepted by the IRS and has stood up under scrutiny in court. And, it’s available to you to start building the life you’ve been dreaming of – without having to wait for the rest of the economy to catch up. Contact for a free 15 minute assessment of what you can trade, what you should trade and how it could dramatically impact your life in a massively positive way.


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