Understanding Barter

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Understanding What is Barter?

The exchange or swap of products and/or services for other products or services you want and need – no cash needed.Barter was the first mode of exchange in ancient history. Someone would find another and trade goods and services. A good method, but inefficient, since it took time and effort to find the right exchange that would work. The invention of currency provided a more versatile medium of exchange and modern civilization was born.

Enter the modern barter exchange. We live in a time of economic change. People seek to maintain their lifestyle, but cash is more difficult to come by. The result – barter is finding renewed acceptance as a means to get the goods and services you want, while preserving your cash.

The definition of Currency is something you and I agree has value and we TRADE. INSTANT BARTER sees EVERYTHING as CURRENCY. We accept all trade organizations Trade.

A computerized exchange system is more efficient, easier to use and opens the door to a vast world of products and services.

So why do we need it in this day and age?

The paper money system has failed 12 times throughout history. Every time it is printed, it is by governments so they can tax and regulate it. Every time they make the same mistake and over, print its meaning, it is backed by nothing. Then there is government bail-outs (the stage we are in now) followed by a crash which forces everyone back to barter. This is why this is relevant in this economy.

The barter exchange allows you to use your trade
as if it were paper money

The days of direct barter are long gone, meaning that the days of “I have what you need and you have what I need and we swap or trade” are gone. This situation has now been replaced with organized nationwide and even worldwide networks. Trade even is regulated and recognized by the IRS.

Barter exchanges are everywhere in every country. A barter exchange allows you to use your trade dollars for anything within the exchange boundaries or membership.

This is one example of where INSTANT BARTER is different.
We can accept any other barter exchanges currency.

Barter or Trade is a way of moving excess inventory. It allows you to use otherwise lost revenue in downtime or employees not being productive. It helps with any type of inventory that will expire for example hotel rooms, advertising, sporting event tickets, cultural event tickets, even apartments and office space. By accepting trade for this otherwise unproductive and costly loss of revenue allows you to actually receive something for time which would otherwise be lost profit. You then use your trade dollars to purchase the things you need for your business or even personally. This is a way to increase your revenue and lower your overhead.

A barter exchange is the only guaranteed dollar to dollar investment in your business.

For example, if you go to Staples and buy printer ink there is no guarantee that anyone in there will ever use your product or service. So, that money you just spend on ink is gone from your business. If you do that same purchase through a barter exchange that money will come back full circle to your business.

There are many types of trade, barter and swap exchanges.
INSTANT BARTER has incorporated all the good while effectively allowing for a seamless transition from always having to use paper money to pay for items you need or want. We have incorporated…

  • Time barter (credit for time you work or credit for good grades), local,
  • Community barter (where you keep your money local),
  • Education (trade for education), and
  • Health care (one exchange calls it chickens for checkups and in Zimbabwe, barter is the only health care that exists).

In a normal economy barter exchanges tell you that you can easily accept 12-20% of your business in barter or trade. In this economy if you have an active exchange driven by a dedicated Trade Director you can accept up to 50%.